At the R.O.I. we work with the best ophthalmic equipment, to comply with with the latest clinical and industry standards. We regularly invest in new devices and are involved in the development of some next-generation devices. Our CRU team is continuously trained and certified to ensure optimal results in even the most challenging research projects.

We are dedicated to implement a DICOM-based workflow for the majority of our imaging modalities, thereby ensuring that images and descriptive metadata are processed simultaneously. We are using Merge Eye Care PACS (previously OIS Symphony) for safe storage and easy viewing of images, supplemented by device-specific viewers when specialized analyses or viewing operations are required.

An overview of our equipment and diagnostics tests is provided below by ophthalmological specialism and type of visual assessment.


  • Corneal Topography (Pentacam HR, Oculus and Cassini)
  • Pachymeter (Tomey)
  • Confocal Microscopy (CS4, NIDEK)
  • Heidelberg Retina Tomograph III + Rostock Cornea Module
  • Specular Microscope (Tomey EM-3000 and Topcon specular microscope SP-1P)
  • Anterior Segment Module for Optical Coherence Tomography (RTVue 100  and Spectralis OCT)
  • Anterior segment OCT (Tomey SS-100)

Biometry and Refraction

  • Manual refraction trial lens sets with half-eye frames
  • ETDRS Visual Acuity charts R, 1m, 2m (10% and 25% contrast) and 4m lane
  • Auto-refracto-keratometer ( Nidek)
  • IOL master (Zeiss)
  • Keratometry (Zeiss)
  • Lensstar LS 900 Haag-Streit

Retinal and Glaucoma Imaging

  • Optical Coherence Tomograph (Spectralis HRA+OCT, RTVue 100 and Canon HS-100)
  • Heidelberg Retinal Tomograph (HRT III)
  • Fluorescein Angiography (FA) and Indocyanine Green (ICG) Angiography
  • Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF)
  • Scanning Laser Polarimetry (GDx Pro)
  • Wide Field Optical Coherence Tomograph (HE Spectralis OCTplus)

Retinal Angiography and Fundus photography

  • Non-mydiatric funduscamera (CR-2 PLUS FAF)
  • Fundusphotography (Topcon TRC)
  • Fundus autofluorescence (Topcon and Heidelberg)
  • Zeiss funduscamera FF450 Plus IR


  • Espion Diagnosys Electrophysiology System

Visual field testing

  • Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA II-i)
  • Goldmann perimeter
  • Microperimeter MP-1 (Nidek)
  • Octopus 900 Pro (Haag-Streit)

Orthoptic tests

  • Synoptophore 2002 (Haag Streit)
  • Goldmann field of single binocular vision

Visual function tests

  • CSV-1000 contrast sensitivity test (Vector Vision)
  • HRR color vision test
  • Farnsworth 100 Hue color vision test
  • Ishihara color vision test
  • Precision Vision Illuminator Cabinet