Cooperation and development of ophthalmic research are first priorities of the R.O.I.

On friday october 4, the CORR Ophthalmic Imaging Symposium was held at the World Trade Center (WTC) Rotterdam. Combined Ophthalmic Research Rotterdam (CORR) is a foundation, established ten years ago, to promote joined research between the Rotterdam Eye Hospital and the department of ophthalmology of the Erasmus MC.

CORR Ophthalmic Imaging Symposium was co-organized by the Rotterdam Eye Hospital.

Ophthalmology is a specialization known for its frequent use of imaging techniques. The CORR imaging symposium provided a platform for clinical, ophthalmic investigators with an interest in imaging and for investigators of, potentially clinically relevant, imaging technology.

These groups too seldom meet and are often unfamiliar with the developments in each other's field of interest. This CORR symposium aimed to encourage new collaboration initiatives that may boost ophthalmic imaging in the Netherlands. More than 100 visitors, with either an ophthalmological or technological background, attended the symposium. International scientists and ophthalmologists from leading US and European centers met to join imaging developments in the laboratories with clinical demands. During the morning, a number of outstanding speakers from Europe and the US were programmed; in the afternoon technical and clinical aspects of imaging research were discussed in smaller groups.

Together with an update on artificial intelligence Hans Lemij, ophthalmologist at the Rotterdam Eye Hospital, elaborated on the subject ‘Imaging for glaucoma: Towards clinical application’.

Koen Vermeer, director of the Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute (R.O.I.): "It was a joy to witness the presence of all parties that are involved in the advancement of diagnostics and therapy. Ophthalmologists, (technological) investigators and commercial parties were able to meet, and I am convinced that this symposium will help to launch new partnerships of collaboration in the Netherlands.”

Although this symposium was meant to be held just once, several participants (of their own accord) stated their intention to attend this meeting again next year.